Fashion staple: Gladiators


After stepping out (excuse the pun) onto the fashion radar a couple of years back Gladiator sandals have become a Summer staple far outliving most footwear fads and are bigger than ever this season. As much as I HATE my feet (mine are the short, dumpy kind -likely to be avoided by even the most passionate foot fetishist) I have developed a penchant for sandals this year, I seriously can’t get enough. After getting my hands on some coveted lace up sandals (sold out, River Island= Love at first sight), my search for the perfect Glads begun- so many to choose from! heeled, studded, strappy, simplified, patent, matt, braided. Not to mention the colour. And here they are- my newly beloved New Look (yes really!) bronze embellished sandals, covering not one but four trends for this season and with fierce criss crossing straps in 3 colour-ways; boho lovers will chose tan, rock chicks black and fashionista’s metallic bronze. My only bugbear is that they are a tad on the narrow side (little surprise that New Look have recently been recruiting footwear fit models then) but being real leather they do stretch, and I survived my 30 minute walk to work blister free. The best bit- they retail for a credit crunching £17 (A good tenner cheaper than real leather rivals) which quite frankly means you can afford all three!



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