Label Lust: Rick Owens


Rick-Owens-Leather-biker_CC53CF85Rick owens Jacksuzanne RO jacketrick owens

American born designer Rick Owens is known for his edgy statement pieces, perhaps notably his avant guard leather jackets which are popular with fashions rock generation. A Rick O jacket is not a spur of the moment buy, not least because of the eye popping price tag (the fabulous crocodile one pictured will set you back as much as a family car) although essentially this adds to the appeal. A fashion investment piece, or trophy to build your outfit around -whether contrasted against a pretty floral dress or teamed with skin tight leather pants and biker boots. For piggy-bank-busting alternative try All Saints who have some gorgeous soft worn leather styles, alternatively scour ebay on the chance that maybe just one fashionista might be handing theirs down.


One Response to “Label Lust: Rick Owens”

  1. leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable ~~*

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