Sssh Don’t tell anyone….


CIMG6757CIMG6756…but this fab croc skin look bag is from Primark! I don’t normally shop there to be honest, I would like to say it’s for ethical reasons, but the truth is I don’t want to look like all the other ‘tunic and legging’ clones on the highstreet, and most things I have bought from there have been worn once and then given to charity. Primark is one of those shops you think is totally fab- until you go into Topshop and realize it isn’t. Anyway I digress, since the flagship Oxford street store opened a couple of years back I had only made one visit (anyone who has been there on a busy saturday would understand why, carnage is a word that springs to mind) but as it is open until 9pm through out the week I popped there after work -mainly as I had seen a stunning metallic sharp shouldered dress (featured in Look magazine) that I just HAD to have. When I got there I was actually pleasantly surprised, the range was very on trend, shop pretty organized and they did have a full range of sizes in most styles. 99% of the stock didn’t float my boat, but I did pick up a black lace body (almost identical to the Topshop one, but for a quarter of the price) chunky statement necklace and this lovely croc look bag. It was the last on the shelf and I detected a look of envy from the girl next to me, who had obviously just spotted it too. Fake leather is one of my pet fashion hates as I think it can really cheapen your outfit but the croc skin texture gives in a more luxe appearance and it could easily be mistaken for vintage with its chain strap and gold detail. A couple of my girl friends spotted me with it and were very surprised it was Primark– which was the reaction I was looking for! My motto is, if you wouldn’t buy a similar style in your favourite highstreet store, then don’t be tempted just because of the low price; charity shops are full of Primark and there’s a reason why. But I will still shop there every now and then – there’s no denying it’s great for basics and there are some genuinly good fashion finds too. Sadly there was no sign of the gorgeous Balmain influenced metallic dress, but with thousands of fashionista’s  flooding through the doors everyday I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sold out.


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